High-fidelity Mars Global Regolith SImulant
High-fidelity Mars Global Regolith SImulant with a cube
High-fidelity Mars Global Regolith SImulant with rocks
Mars Global Regolith Simulant Package

Mars Global (MGS-1) High-Fidelity Martian Dust Simulant

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Mars Global Simulant (MGS-1) is a mineralogical standard analog based on data collected from the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover. MGS-1 is made by sourcing a spectrum of terrestrial minerals, then mixed together in specific proportions to generally replicate the Martian surface. This is in contrast to previous Mars simulants that were typically sourced from a single terrestrial deposit (basalt or palagonite). 

Modified versions include MGS-1S Sulfate ISRU and MGS-1C Clay ISRU, specifically designed for water extraction applications. The root MGS-1 simulant is appropriate to test water extraction from bulk regolith.

All of our Martian simulants are a high-fidelity alternative to the more commonly known JSC MARS-1.

For information on Mineralogy, bulk chemistry, geotechnical properties, please see below:

Spec Sheet*        SDS        Citation        Constituent Report

*Previous spec sheets and data for past regolith simulant batches can be found at bottom of page.

The mineralogy in the spec sheet above is the most up-to-date, superseding that described in Cannon et al. 2019.

Note that bulk density is not an inherent property and depends on the level of compaction

Spec Sheet Batch Code Date Range 
Spec Sheet 001-05-001-0120 Before 06/2021
Spec Sheet 002-05-001-0621 6/2021 - 08/28/2023
Spec Sheet 003-05-001-0523 08/28/2023 - Current


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