Carbonaceous Chondrite (CM-E) High-Fidelity Asteroid Simulant

Carbonaceous Chondrite (CM-E) High-Fidelity Asteroid Simulant

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CM-E Asteroid Simulant is a general-purpose asteroid regolith simulant based on the analysis of the Murchison meteorite in Bland et al. 2004 and Howard et al. 2009. The CM-E mineralogical mix contains the necessary geological and chemical composition for research of asteroid properties.

To produce the simulant, individual mineral components are sourced and prepared, then mixed together with water to physically bind them. The resulting clay-like mixture is dried to remove the water, then mechanically grounded in a rock crusher to achieve the desired particle size distribution unless requested otherwise by the customer.

For information on Mineralogy, bulk chemistry, and geotechnical properties, please see below:

      SDS Sheet

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