Lunar Highlands Anorthosite Agglutinate Regolith Simulant
Lunar Highlands Anorthosite Agglutinate Regolith Simulant but with a cube
Lunar Highlands Anorthosite Agglutinate Regolith Simulant but with rocks

Lunar Highlands Anorthosite (LHS-1-25A) Agglutinated Moon Dust Simulant

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The LHS-1-25A Lunar Highlands 25% Agglutinated Simulant has been developed by Exolith Lab. It is a higher-fidelity variation of LHS-1 and is a mineral-based simulant appropriate for a generic or average highlands location on the Moon with an intermediate regolith maturity - which speaks to the integrated exposure the regolith had to the micrometeorite and solar wind environment. 

The simulant consists of 75% LHS-1 Lunar Highlands Simulant and 25%  Anorthosite Agglutinates, by weight. The addition of agglutinates increases fidelity of LHS-1 in terms of glass composition, magnetic properties, and mechanical properties. These agglutinates are produced from high temperature anorthosite. This glass content is important for mimicking the Lunar surface since it has a large glass content formed from meteor impacts. Exclusively Anorthosite Agglutinates are also available for sale on our site here.

For information on Mineralogy and geotechnical properties please see below:

 SDS    Constituent Report

1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds

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