High-fidelity Mars Global Polyhydrated Sulfate Regolith SImulant
High-fidelity Mars Global Polyhydrated Sulfate Regolith SImulant with a cube
High-fidelity Mars Global Polyhydrated Sulfate Regolith SImulant with rocks

Mars Global Polyhydrated Sulfate (MGS-1S) ISRU Martian Dust Simulant

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Mars Global Polyhydrated Sulfate (MGS-1S) is a modified version of the root Mars Global Simulant (MGS-1) but is enriched with polyhydrated sulfate gypsum for proper representation. Four Cases were concluded in the NASA Mars Water In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) Planning (M-WIP) Study. The MGS-1S simulant represents the Reference Case “B” – a natural concentration of poly-hydrated sulfate minerals.

MGS-1S is specifically designed for ISRU water extraction studies; the M-WIP study concluded that polyhydrated sulfate deposits represent a clear advantage over bulk regolith or clay-bearing deposits in terms of mass and power. What this means is that Reference Case B was found to involve moving the lowest mass of material AND would have lower power requirements. This translates to Case B deposits may be considerably easier to access and excavate than permafrost deposits. 

For information on Mineralogy, bulk chemistry, and geotechnical properties, please see below: 

Spec Sheet*       SDS       Citation       Constituent Report

*Previous spec sheets and data for past regolith simulant batches can be found at bottom of page.

Spec Sheet Batch Code
Date Range
Spec Sheet 001-07-001-0120 Before 06/2021
Spec Sheet 002-07-001-0621

06/2021 - 03/06/2024

Spec Sheet 003-07-001-0324


1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds

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