Mars Unearthed: The Art of Sustainable Resource Crafting Beyond Our Horizon
Hooman Reza Nezhad, a high school senior and ISRU researcher collaborating with the University of Waterloo, is pushing the boundaries of space resource research with his innovative approach to extracting oxygen and metals from Martian regolith. His work, which has garnered international recognition and awards, showcases the potential for sustainable resource utilization on Mars and the importance of innovation in shaping humanity's future in space.
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Forging a Lunar Shield
Jacob Yates, leading an investigation as part of the ARMOR collaborative project, conducted impact tests using Exolith Lab's LHS-1 to study micrometeoroid impacts on lunar regolith, providing insights into spacecraft interactions, extravehicular activities, and off-world habitats. Now, after promising results, he looks forward to the next part of his study.
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