Lunar Constituent Mineral Samples
A pile of Olivine mineral
A pile of Anorthosite mineral
A pile of Basalt mineral
A pile of Bronzite mineral
A pile of Ilemenite mineral

Lunar Constituent Mineral Samples

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Sample Mass of Each Mineral
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This product contains the individual minerals that make up our Lunar regolith simulants, Lunar Highlands (LHS-1, LHS-1D) and Lunar Mare (LMS-1, LMS-1D). The minerals in this sample set are the same that are used in our batch simulants. This sample set has been made available for any mineral characterization, such as XRD or XRF, or baseline measurements needed for experimentation. 

This recipe was designed based on information collected from the returned Apollo Lunar Soil samples and thus the particle size distribution and texture of the constituent minerals is targeted to match that of typical Apollo soils. 

For any custom simulant or specific minerals needed in larger quantities, please reach out to us at

For information on Mineralogy, bulk chemistry, and geotechnical properties, please see below:

Constituent Mineral Report

The weight listed below reflects the amount of each mineral that you will receive, not the total weight of minerals.

This kit contains:

100g of Anorthosite

100g of Basalt

100g of Ilmenite

100g of Pyroxene

100g of Olivine

For reference, here is the mineralogy breakdown of our Lunar Highlands and Mare Simulants

Component LHS-1 Wt. % LMS-1 Wt. %
Anorthosite 74.4 19.8
Glass-rich basalt 24.7 32.0
Ilmenite 0.4 4.3
Pyroxene (bronzite) 0.3 32.8
Olivine 0.2 11.1


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